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DJ Shadow Slim
DJ Shadow SlimProfessional DJ/Producer

Reinard Cox, also known as DJ Shadow Slim, is a professional DJ/Emcee who currently resides in Queens, New York. Born in the Caribbean, his nationality as a Jamaican puts him at a reasonable advantage over most DJs by giving him a creative ear for various genres.

With his unique mixes, mash-ups skills, and music selection, he is considered “the go-to DJ” for many party promoters, event planners, and potential clients who are looking for a professional DJ/Emcee that specializes in Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Pop, and more.

His work ethics and passion for being in the entertainment business also put him ahead of the competition, by staying relevant and up-to-date with all the latest fashion, music, and trends. He is always reinventing himself by building new relationships and maintaining them with good business practices, by approaching every situation differently and accordingly, while never losing sight of who he is as a brand.

Based on his track record and personality, DJ Shadow Slim is a well-diversified DJ who can relate to his audience and stimulate them through his music at any given time and place. Now, it is your turn to get to know DJ Shadow Slim on a personal level just like his fans does by booking him for your next event.

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